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abi & joseph revamp online shopping experience with Dotdigital & Magento

  • increase in subscriber base

  • CTR for abandoned cart campaigns

Dotdigital | Abi & Joseph Case Study - Featured Image


At a time where offering personalized experiences and communications can make or break the customer relationship, abi and joseph was limited to sending bulk emails out to its entire database without any marketing automation. There was no welcome email, there was no abandoned cart email, and data had to be manually uploaded into the backend of the Magento ecommerce platform. abi and joseph knew it was time to upgrade from its previous email marketing platform and begin providing its customers with the tailored personalized experience they deserved.


Through an effortless integration of Dotdigital, abi and joseph moved quickly to implement automated welcome and abandoned cart emails that are both customer-centric and personalized. After realizing the success of its initial automated email campaigns, abi and joseph decided to run its biannual ‘Win a Wardrobe’ competition through Dotdigital. Previously, any competitions or surveys required the employment of an IT company to create an entire landing page, with the resulting data needing to be uploaded manually from an Excel spreadsheet. However, with Dotdigital the entire process became more efficient as the sign-up form was developed in-house with minimal involvement from the IT team. The IT team simply uploaded the code/form onto the website.


In the past, the design process for competitions was outsourced to designers and IT teams. However, with Dotdigital a single employee designs, sends and controls the automation of abi and joseph’s email marketing campaigns. This has not only reduced the costs associated with its email marketing, it has allowed the emails and customer journey to develop consistency. The abandoned cart campaign has been a particular success, with a click to open rate of 35%.

About abi & joseph

Inspiring women to move with confidence is the vision behind the Australian activewear label, abi and joseph. Offering functional, performance activewear with a sophisticated aesthetic via their online boutique, this Brisbane-based design house is reaching new heights of success.