Marketing segmentation

Go beyond campaign goals with next-level segmentation

From optimized segments driven by analytics to lookalike audiences, Dotdigital empowers you to confidently build custom target audiences at any level.

Deeper customer engagement

Create meaningful moments for customers

Customer segmentation is the first step toward delivering truly personalized marketing. With Dotdigital's segment builder, the possibilities are limitless. Dive into your customer data to ensure you're targeting the right customer with the right message, or skip straight to Single customer view and create lookalike segments from there.

The conversion funnel

Surface your conversion-ready customers

Dotdigital makes behavioral modeling easy. We segment your customers into personas and overlay intent data. Using our intuitive segment builder, you can use these insights for customer segmentation and never again miss an opportunity to convert.

Unleash your segmentation strategy

Targeted messaging

Smart segmentation for personalized experiences

Intelligent segmentation helps unlock the hidden ROI in your marketing campaigns. Dynamic content blocks and smart program logic are just some of the ways you can deliver personalized content based on customer data.

Segment analytics

Real-time insights to optimize your strategy

Use real-time analytics to ensure campaigns are optimized for ultimate ROI. Discover the click-through rate of a specific cohort, their most engaged day, average order value, RFM personas, and more. Compare metrics to understand what drives customers into action and where you can optimize to improve ROI.

Upgrade your marketing segmentation strategy