Cross-channel delivers more conversions

Our smart and intuitive finance marketing tools will help your bank, insurance or lending organization connect, engage with, and acquire new customers at scale. 

How it works

Discover how finance brands are using Dotdigital to convert and retain more customers.

  • Reach your customers

    Connect your CRM and trigger relevant messages that resonate with your prospects, customers, brokers and advisers. Create easy-to-design branded emails that communicate your brand values.

  • Build customer value

    Our personalized cross-channel marketing tools will help you win customers and keep them happy. Deliver key info via SMS, cross-upsell with email, and deliver the best service through live chat.

  • Extend your offering

    Grow your business by enticing customers with helpful product recommendations. Our automation program will help you increase customer value, and widen your reach by generating reviews and referrals. 



  • Customer data and insight

    All the data you need in one place, ready for you to action. Filter customers based on different variables: from online behavior and email activity to preferences. 

    • Data

      Connect Dotdigital with your CRM to harness your valuable customer data and insights.

    • Preference center

      Get to know your customers before you target them. Our easy editor helps you build smart data-capture forms in minutes.

    • Segmentation

      Segment your customer list, targeting those who’ve opened an email, clicked on a link, or viewed a particular product.

  • Campaign optimization

    Improve your content with preferences, test your campaign variables, and deliver timely, must-see messages like privacy and security updates with send time optimization.

    • Facebook and Google ads

      Optimize your program with social retargeting that quickly returns customers to your site.

    • A/B and multivariate testing

      Drive the best possible performance with our testing tools – powerful and yet simple.

    • Advanced personalization

      Deliver unique and tailored content to customers based on individual data.  

  • B2B finance marketing

    Nurturing your B2B clients couldn’t be easier with Dotdigital. Generate valuable business leads, score, engage and convert them, then retain their custom with automated aftersales care.

    • Contact scoring

      Measure how likely a B2B lead is going to convert based on select criteria that assess contacts’ interactions.

    • Lead nurturing

      Persuade contacts that your products and services are right for them, with promotional and content trigger campaigns.

    • B2B automation

      Select from multiple B2B program templates and engage with prospects at the various touchpoints along their journey.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns using detailed email reporting, plus gauge the success of your dynamic content with link tagging. What’s more, our sender reputation score will keep you clued up on your deliverability performance, too.

    • Campaign analysis

      Measure the performance of your marketing campaigns – see what worked well and what needs improving. 

    • Link tag reports

      Useful insight at your fingertips: see what content is gaining traction and why, then strategize and scale your engagement.

    • Sender reputation score

      Better understand your sender reputation; our deliverability indicators help you keep on top of your inbox placement.

  • Customer marketing

    After gathering your data together, it’s time to devise and build your customer marketing programs. Build impressive cross-channel automation journeys that deliver the right products and services to the right customers at the right time.

    • Channels

      Trigger relevant emails that mean something to customers. Alert people when they’re overdrawn and resolve queries on live chat.

    • Personalization

      Tailor customer messages with dynamic content: products and services that are most likely to convert.

    • Automation

      Our automation tool helps you build effective customer lifecycle programs designed to maximize engagement and retention.


Marketing messages to reflect your business: Our experts can help.


We have a dedicated team of onboarding specialists to guide you throughout your account set-up. You’ll be ready to go in no time.


Choose from multiple training plans based on your required level of platform knowledge. Become a pro with help from the experts. 


We’ll help you pivot the ongoing challenges in the finance industry with innovative, expert-curated strategies that drive results.

Account Management

We’ll work with you to realize your marketing goals. From the basics to key strategies, you can count on our account managers.

Customer Success

Expert guidance on the platform and its features, as well as any account or billing questions you may have.


We pride ourselves on dedicated help and support: your call or email will never go unanswered.

Custom Technical Solutions

If your required set-up is a little more complicated and out-of-the-box, we’ll work with you to find the right solution. 

Creative Services

Entrust our experienced creative team with your branding and design – they’ll work their magic to your customers’ delight. 

Managed Services

We have a dedicated team that can help out with creating emails, setting up marketing triggers, and building automation programs.


Specialist consultants collaborating with customers on email delivery: we’ll help you reach the inbox every time. 

What’s next?

You’re just steps away from a marketing transformation.

  • 1

    Talk to us

    Your custom Q&A: we’ll take you through the Dotdigital platform and its features. If we’re the right fit for you, we’ll outline a plan that aligns with your aims and objectives.

  • 2

    Onboard with us

    We’ll train your users so they’re up to speed, then activate all the features, including any connectors, included in your set-up.

  • 3

    Grow with us

    Now comes the fun part: making the most of your new platform and its slick features. If you ever need a helping hand, whether basic advice or project support, you know who to ask.