Dotdigital transactional messaging

Timely transactional messaging that delivers with impact

Transactional messages are triggered by customer action and are an essential part of the experience expected by tomorrow's loyal customer.

What is transactional messaging?

Turn small moments into big experiences

Dotdigital's transactional messaging API allows you to send transactional emails in real-time. Timely messaging is vital for a customer-centric marketing strategy and Dotdigital helps you take things further. With us, you can turn standard triggered communications into a personal, on-brand experience guaranteed to inspire loyalty.

Cross-channel communications

Send the right message on the right channel

With Dotdigital's transactional messaging API, you can deliver important updates to customers via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and of course email. What's more, our collection of templates makes creating triggered campaigns that look good easy.

Add transactional messaging to your CX strategy

Integrated marketing stack

Delight customers with rich, real-time messages

Real-time data synchronization allows you to turn transactional messages into seamless customer experiences. Out-of-the-box transactional messages are available for Dotdigital's key integration partners, including Adobe Commerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce.


The market's most reliable messaging tools

At Dotdigital we use a dedicated IP address for transactional email and messaging, ensuring important updates always reach the right customer at exactly the right time. What's more, the transactional email dashboard gives you all the data you need to ensure no customer has a less-than-perfect experience.