Retail marketing

Fewer headaches, more conversions

Storm the ecommerce industry with easy but powerful merchant marketing tools. Connect and engage with your shoppers at scale, generate more online orders and nurture invaluable customer loyalty.


Inspire customers to buy again and again

  • Connect with your audience

    Integrate your online store and automate engaging messages with inspiring content. Curate stunning branded emails with minimum design effort, for maximum engagement results.

  • Convert across touchpoints

    Win customers using hyper-personalized email and SMS that meet their needs in a timely manner, from browse to checkout. Use your data and our RFM modelling to tailor messages for perfect relevance and context.

  • Grow your brand presence

    Extend the purchase journey with smart cross-upselling. Drive repeat purchases and increase customer value using AI product recommendations. Cast wider by inviting shoppers to review products or refer friends.


Essential marketing tools for merchants

  • Data and insight

    Gather your valuable store data in one place, then identify the shoppers you want to target. Dotdigital’s segmentation tools help you slice and dice your customer lists in multiple useful ways: from online behavior and email activity to RFM persona groups.

    • Data

      Connect with your ecommerce store and put your customer and order data to work.

    • Segmentation

      Filter your contacts based on what they’ve opened, clicked, and viewed and for how long.

    • RFM

      Tailor your message to high-value, need-nurturing, and inactive customers.

  • Customer marketing

    Once you’ve dissected your data, start curating your customer marketing campaigns. Craft timely and relevant messages with SMS, visual and content-rich promotions with email, and contextual product recommendations that are hard to resist.

    • Channels

      Create stand-out emails and branded creative. Notify customers with speedy SMS and help out with live chat.

    • Personalization

      Engage and convert customers with data-driven messages, dynamic content and relevant product recs.

    • Automation

      Curate simple and sophisticated cross-channel marketing journeys that spur customer action.

  • Campaign optimization

    Finesse your customer marketing campaigns with enhanced targeted social ads, plus hyper-personalized content that speaks to individual shoppers in real-time. You can rely on our fool-proof testing features, perfecting your design, content, and messaging.

    • Facebook and Google ads

      Optimize your campaign with social retargeting that returns customers to the path to purchase.

    • A/B and multivariate testing

      Don’t leave it up to fate; test between two or multiple campaign variables to maximize performance.

    • Advanced personalization

      Impress customers with individually tailored content and creative, plus unique product suggestions.

  • B2B marketing

    For B2B brands whose strategies deviate from other ecommerce stores, we’ve got you all covered. Source valuable leads with contact scoring, then nurture them into new clients and retain their business through an array of B2B marketing automation programs.

    • Contact scoring

      Score contacts based on their interactions with your brand, then enroll them onto lifecycle programs.

    • Lead nurturing

      Edge your leads closer to conversion with drip-feed content campaigns suited to their lifecycle stage.

    • B2B automation

      Choose a B2B program template that engages prospective customers from awareness to after sale.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Report marketing performance across your ecommerce store to the entire business. Dig deep into campaign, program, and persona analyses, decipher the nuances of campaign success, then replicate those across all your other marketing efforts.

    • Campaign analysis

      Unlock the insights behind your marketing campaigns to discover what works and what doesn’t.

    • eRFM

      Identify key opportunities by overlaying order metrics with engagement data like clicks and browse history.

    • Ecommerce reporting

      Our specialist commerce reporting tool allows you to deep-dive into customer insights and order trends.


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