Email and SMS marketing automation

Deliver personalized experiences across email and SMS

Lifecycle marketing

Choose the right channel, at the right time

Email and SMS are a match made in heaven. Understanding when and where to talk to customers is vital for driving conversions. Luckily, Dotdigital has the tools you need to craft personalized customer journeys across both channels, so you can ensure you're always using the right channel to drive customers into action.

ROI guaranteed

Drive revenue with intelligent automation

Deliver 1:1 marketing on channels proven to deliver ROI. Never miss another opportunity to convert customers with email and SMS retargeting. Use intelligent automation to trigger messages throughout the customer journey. Whether they need a cart recovery nudge via email or an SMS discount code to stop them from lapsing, you can do it all in our program builder.

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Testing and optimization

Get better results using Dotdigital's testing tools

See what's working and what needs improving using Dotdigital's email and SMS testing tools. From testing subject lines to email templates, we have everything you need to design winning email marketing and SMS campaigns. Plus, you get a detailed view of results so you can quickly apply changes across your marketing channels.

Scalable personalization

Delight customers with personalized marketing

Dotdigital's personalization features are guaranteed to help you capture your audience's attention. Make your emails stand out with intelligent dynamic content blocks so audiences only see content relevant to them. Add personalized product recommendations to improve engagement and increase average order value across campaigns.

Smarter segmentation

Land more conversions with targeted messages

Turn customer data into conversions using our next-level segmentation. Our segment builder lets you create customized segments and turn eRFM insights into customer cohorts for laser-focused retargeting. What's more, you can discover what drives customers to click and convert with real-time insights in our Segment analytics.

Relevant and timely

Transactional marketing that always delivers

Customers are loyal to brands they trust to deliver seamless experiences. We offer dedicated and (closely monitored) shared IP addresses for transactional sends to ensure your email receipts, order confirmations, and shipping updates arrive without a hitch. Our transactional messaging API guarantees important updates are delivered via email and SMS quickly.

Assured deliverability

Deliver marketing with complete confidence

Have confidence that your marketing will land in the inbox every time. With Dotdigital's consent capture tools and double opt-in, you can rest assured knowing your audience is engaged. Our dedicated onboarding and deliverability teams ensure your email and SMS marketing reaches its destination from the get-go.

Reporting and analytics

Access clear insight to improve your campaigns

Let Dotdigital do the heavy lifting and surface insights that you can action immediately. Our program analytics gives you an in-situ view of your email and SMS program performance. Whether you choose to compare campaigns side-by-side or prefer a bird's eye view, we make spotting conversions and drop-off points easy.

Customer acquisition

Tools to empower your marketing list growth

Dotdigital has the tools to help you grow and maintain an engaged marketing database. Use our pages and forms to acquire new customers by adding them as a pop-over or embedding them within a webpage to capture customers across your site. You can also gather marketing preferences to ensure new subscribers are engaged and receiving relevant content.

Integrated marketing

Connect your marketing tech stack with Dotdigital

Our intelligent marketing automation platform connects with all your favorite marketing technology. Partnering with Adobe Commerce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Shopify, Salesforce, BigCommerce, and many more, Dotdigital will help sync and enrich your data with real-time customer activities to deliver result-driven marketing.

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