1:1 personalization

Marketing personalization at scale for real results

Deliver perfectly personalized messages at key stages in the customer journey. Use zero-party and first-party data to add value to every digital touchpoint.

Insightful personalization

Deliver marketing as unique as your customers

Collect customer data across every digital touchpoint and we’ll turn it into actionable insights. Our Single customer view (SCV) collates zero-party data and first-party data so you can create perfectly personalized marketing. Turn customer analytics insight into engaging content and deliver it at scale using dynamic content blocks and smart program logic.

Personalized customer experience

Profit boosting product recommendations

Dotdigital's product recommendations draw from a range of data sources including product catalogs, order data, and customer behavior to improve product discoverability and deliver a personalized customer experience. Recommendations can be added to any campaign or landing page to drive interest and ROI.

Choosing the perfect send time

Timely messaging that lands with customers

Send time optimization uses AI to analyze customer behavior and engagement data and automatically select the most effective day and time to deliver your campaign. This is a great way to increase engagement when sending campaigns across multiple time zones and can be applied to immediate sends, scheduled sends, and even API-driven campaigns.

One-to-one personalization at scale is possible