Boost your cause with smarter marketing

Non-profit marketing tools designed to further your fundraising action. Engage with your volunteers at scale, generate more donations, and sow the seeds for long-term support.

How it works

Discover how non-profit organizations can widen and activate their support base with inspiring messaging.

  • Connect with your audience

    Integrate your database to supercharge the relevancy of your messages. Create beautiful emails that inspire, with heart-warming content for tiptop engagement results.

  • Maximize donor journeys

    Build interest and engagement through timely and relevant email and SMS campaigns. Surprise supporters with lifecycle content that sparks advocacy for your mission.

  • Spread your cause

    Build on your marketing success using triggered automation. Maximize your reach with refer-a-friend programs, contextual retargeting ads, and social sharing.



  • Utilize your CRM

    Quick data sync and capture ensures ultimate relevancy for your cause marketing campaigns. Dotdigital’s insight and segmentation tools help you target the right supporter at the right time on the right channel with the right message.

    • Data

      Connect Dotdigital with your CRM and action your valuable insight through powerful data-driven messaging.

    • Segmentation

      Slice and dice your contact list by opens, clicks, and views. Gauge who’s engaged and who needs a gentle nudge.

    • Dynamic content

      In our email design builder, tailor-curate messages based on specific contact data like location or preferences.

  • Donor marketing

    With all your data in one place, you can get to work on your supporter marketing campaigns. Reach the right volunteers at the right time with SMS, generate donations in the inbox, and connect with helpers directly via live chat. 

    • Channels

      Build emails and landing pages in a flash with our easy design tool. Use SMS and social ads to extend your message.

    • Personalization

      Our smart tools help you drive valuable engagement, with data-triggered messages, personalized content and more.

    • Automation

      Build a network of smart donor and supporter journeys using multi-channel marketing automation.

  • Reporting and analytics

    Communicate key marketing metrics across your organization. Dissect your campaign analysis, and once you’ve found out what success looks like, imitate it across other initiatives.

    • Campaign analysis

      Unlock the secrets behind your marketing campaign performance; find out what went well and where to improve.

    • Advanced tracking

      Apply filters to your contact groups and segments for a truer understanding of what content makes them tick.

    • Program reporting

      Want to optimize your automations without hours of number crunching? Our instant reports do the job for you.

  • Campaign optimization

    Streamline your non-profit campaigns with relevant social ads and super-personalized content. Speak to donors and supporters in real time, with tested and improved marketing messages.

    • Facebook and Google ads

      Use Facebook Audiences to deliver hyper-relevant display ads and retarget past website visitors on Google.

    • A/B and multivariate testing

      Test what works best between two or multiple campaign variables and drive the best results possible.

    • Advanced personalization

      Connect supporters with your cause through advanced personalization techniques across their journey. 

  • Nurture marketing

    Cement support from donors, helpers and volunteers with drip-feed nurture marketing campaigns. Source potential donors with contact scoring and grow their engagement using automation.

    • Contact scoring

      Score contacts depending on how they interact with your organization, for a clear view of suitability and engagement.

    • Contact nurturing

      Deliver inspiring content to spur engagement and donor opportunities, and augment across multiple touchpoints.

    • Triggered marketing

      Set up marketing triggers based on when a contact reaches a specific score or completes a predetermined action.


We’ll revamp everything from brand visuals to content and preference centers.


Get off on the right foot with our experienced team of platform onboarding specialists.


Our superstar trainers will show you all the platform essentials so you can hit the ground running.

Account Management

Approachable and dedicated account managers, there to help you achieve your marketing aims and objectives.

Customer Success

Our friendly team will put you back on track, whether you’re querying the platform, your plan or billing.


Contact our support design wherever you are, whenever – they’re always on hand to help out.

Custom Technical Solutions

Our data experts will help you build your preferred marketing infrastructure.  

Creative Services

Entrust us with your design and we won’t disappoint; from multiple email templates to brand creative kits, we’ve got you covered.

Managed Services

Brief us on any project: from data uploads and campaign builds to email sends and program orchestration. 


Our deliverability experts will help you maximize email delivery and advise on the fundamentals of compliance.


Let us spruce up your marketing. Our trusted consultants have delivered multiple NFP projects with proven results.

What’s next?

See the platform in action: discover why Dotdigital is a perfect fit for your non-profit organization.

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    Talk to us

    Ask us about our platform, what it does and how it works, and our customers too. If you’re interested, we’ll propose a plan that fits with your long-term goals.

  • 2

    Onboard with us

    Once you’re ready we’ll complete your account activation, which might include uploading data or setting up connectors, and train your managed users.

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    Grow with us

    Now you get going. Always remember we’re on hand with marketing support, advice, and services to help you push your cause further.