Single customer view

Understand your audience with enriched customer profiles

Leverage your customer data and make it work harder for you. Dotdigital's Single customer view unifies your disparate data to deliver actionable insight to your team.

What is Single customer view?

Get to know your ideal customer profile

Dotdigital's Single customer view (SCV) unites data from across your marketing stack to break down data siloes and create a unified profile for customers. SCV collects real-time engagement and sales data, marketing preferences, program enrolment, and more. Get instant access to actionable insights and create hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

Dynamic customer segments

Create targeted segments that drive conversions

Identify your ideal customer profile and auto-generate segments which contain contacts with a similar purchase history or demographic background in a single click. With the real-time insight provided by Dotdigital's SCV, you’ll never miss an opportunity to nurture and convert newly discovered audiences.

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Relevant customer experiences

Discover new tactics with unified customer profiles

Single customer view tracks how unique customers fit into your marketing audiences. Uncover which address books, segments, and programs they are part of, or what their marketing preferences really are. You can also enroll any individual in a program or add them to an address book directly from SCV.

Centralized customer profiles

Deliver customer-centric marketing

Never again miss an opportunity to streamline and optimize key touchpoints in the customer journey. Silos between cross-functional teams will become a thing of the past. With a Single customer view, customer service, marketing, and sales teams all have a single source of truth to turn to before every interaction.

See your marketing results improve with smarter customer insights