Dotdigital for Shopify

The all-in-one marketing platform for Shopify merchants. Take a cross-channel approach and use email, SMS, live chat, and more to send personalized campaigns that convert your customers.

Take your ecommerce marketing further

platform dashboard featuring customer email statistics.

Lifecycle marketing tools for the busy marketer

Create complex, cross-channel marketing journeys to send triggered, personalized messages to customers at the right time. Our intuitive campaign builders make marketing creation, deployment, and automation as easy as pie so you can save time to re-focus on new ideas.

collection of data collected from an individual customer, displaying contact score, total revenue and last order information.

Intelligent marketing that boosts order volumes

Growing your brand is easy when data is at the heart of your marketing. Dotdigital unifies data from every touchpoint to create a source of truth that will level-up your campaigns. From AI-powered recommendations to dynamic content blocks, Dotdigital makes utilizing ecommerce data simple and effective.

A blurred UI dashboard with a lock

Built for the responsible marketer

Dotdigital has responsible marketing at its core. Not only do we help support maximum campaign delivery, we also help merchants to market safely across the globe. Feel confident from knowing our Deliverability and Security Teams have got your back, leaving you free to focus on strategy and innovation.

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