Win back customers and revenue with intent-based retargeting

Close the gap in your traffic-to-conversion rate with intent-based retargeting. From abandoned cart recovery to transactional messaging, every touchpoint is a potential conversion.

Ad Audience Connectors

Build retargeting lists for Google and Facebook Ads

Stay top-of-mind after customers leave your website with retargeting across Google and Facebook ad networks. Add Dotdigital ad audience connectors into your automation programs at key touchpoints to control who you retarget, and reduce ad spend wastage.

Abandoned Browse

Turn window shoppers into paying customers

Ready to close the gap between traffic and conversions? Use Dotdigital’s web behavior tracking to learn more about your customers. Drive sales with automated abandoned browse programs that showcase personalized products based on their browsing history. Or trigger an SMS with a discount code that will encourage the customer to convert.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Always-on abandoned cart retargeting

Ramp up your recovery rates. Automatically trigger abandoned cart reminders based on customer behavior. Build snappy emails with advanced personalization to make sure your customers leave nothing behind. With Dotdigital’s abandoned cart dashboard get an at-a-glance view of abandoned, converted, and lost carts, as well as revenue recovered.

Back-in-stock notifications

Never miss a sale opportunity again

Recover demand and revenue from customers with back-in-stock notifications. Use our no-code approach to add a customizable back-in-stock sign-up to your product pages. Available now with our Shopify and BigCommerce integrations. Alert customers as soon as your product is back in stock to capitalize on every opportunity.

Transactional messaging

Transactional messages that deliver

Create branded email templates in Dotdigital with ease and ensure you deliver better-than-expected experiences before and after the sale. Plus, you can track performance in our dedicated transactional email dashboard. This comes out-of-the-box with our Adobe Commerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce, and Shopware integrations.

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