Ethical, eco, organic and vegan products retailer drives sustainable choices

  • increase in automation-specific revenue

  • growth in the customer database

  • open rate for loyalty programs

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With Flora & Fauna, Julie set out to drive change in the industry by focusing on making responsible decisions and leading the way as a retailer. The team at Flora & Fauna sources the best ethical, eco, organic, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free products. The company currently markets more than 10,000 products and 340+ brands, from beauty and skincare products to home, fashion, food, and health products.


As the company grew out of Galston and moved to North Rocks, so grew its customer database. Despite seeing overwhelming customer database growth and success, the company lacked effective customer communications. Moreover, the team was practicing the ‘batch-and-blast’ email strategy, manually feeding data at the backend. As a result, the brand was losing potential revenue by not targeting customers with the right products. With the launch of its new website in 2019, the team updated its email marketing platform onto a marketing automation platform to help deliver an enhanced personalized customer experience.


Flora & Fauna partnered with Dotdigital in October 2019, to use Dotdigital as its marketing automation solution. One of the reasons for the partnership was Dotdigital’s seamless integration with Magento (now Adobe Commerce). Dotdigital has enabled the company to access real-time data, analyze and funnel it to run effective personalized campaigns.

“I love using Dotdigital. The marketing automation programs are easy to use and the Dotdigital team is incredibly knowledgeable. The campaigns that we run are crucial to the business and we’ve had great success, especially with the loyalty programs,” said Julie Mathers, Founder & CEO at Flora & Fauna. “We try, to the best of our abilities, to partner with the most sustainable suppliers out there. Dotdigital made perfect sense for us with their commitment to Project dotGreen that aligns with our own brand identity, values, and culture.”

Furthermore, the Magento connector allows near-real-time sync of all customer and subscriber data, as well as transactions within the Dotdigital platform, enabling better segmentation to help create highly tailored marketing campaigns. Flora & Fauna currently utilizes Dotdigital to run marketing programs such as welcome series, abandoned cart notifications, loyalty tiers, post-purchase ratings and reviews, anniversary, and win-back series.

About Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna was founded in July 2014 by Julie Mathers in Galston, NSW. Having spent 20+ years working in retail, Julie wanted to create a business that was conscious of its impact on the world, contributed positively to society, and drove change for the better.

I love using Dotdigital. The marketing automation programs are easy to use and the Dotdigital team is incredibly knowledgeable...”

Julie Mathers, Founder & CEO at Flora & Fauna.
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Over the past year, the company has witnessed a 54% growth in the customer database. The loyalty program was the most impressive campaign with a 70% open rate. Recently, the company recorded a whopping 233% increase in automation-specific revenue, compared to the same period last year, with the anniversary program being the top revenue generating campaign.