Icelolly boosts conversions using Facebook Audiences in automation programs

  • higher open rate

  • increase in CTR

  • increase in conversion

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The marketing team at works tirelessly to deliver personalized customer experiences. This was no better highlighted than in the brand’s 2018 dotties win: combining tech power to innovate.

As part of its personalization strategy, the brand decided to add the Facebook Extension into its business-as-usual marketing programs in Dotdigital. The tool would re-target engaged email subscribers who had stated their preferences. The brand would move audiences along the customer journey – from awareness to consideration and conversion – by providing highly relevant Facebook ads.

Solution recognized that increasing its reach across other channels, like Facebook, would help drive conversions. Using Dotdigital, has been able to push data from one channel to another and achieve an omnichannel approach to marketing. So far, the brand has engaged seven audience types. Engaged contacts are served with targeted ads that reflect their individual data, such as location (i.e. local airport), which maximizes the relevancy of the message. currently uses the all-inclusive preference list as an active audience to target on Facebook. Those who say they are interested in all-inclusive packages or holidays (in the brand’s preference center) will receive highly relevant targeted ads on Facebook. People will be encouraged to continue their search – a seamless way of returning potential customers to the path to purchase.

Destination price alert triggers, which generate open and click rates of 41% and 35% respectively in email, are a key example of retargeting. For example, subscribers who have signed up for destination alerts will be further notified through targeted ads on their social feed. Combined with email, the Facebook Audience extension increases relevancy in the overall customer journey.

Results generated a 17% conversion rate from Facebook. What’s more, retargeting ads have seen a 3% higher conversion rate than general social ads – which we can attribute to increased relevancy. Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time has also bolstered customer satisfaction – Trustpilot reviews are at an all-time high.

And by leveraging browse data, has enhanced its emails by displaying the searched and abandoned deal, improving internal efficiencies and email content relevancy for their customers. The results have been compelling: 35% higher open rate; 201% increase in CTR; and 45% increase in conversion.

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