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Research agency Ipsos sees conversion rate of 69% with Dotdigital SMS campaign

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Ipsos is a leading global research agency, using the best of science, technology, and know-how to apply the principles of security, simplicity, speed, and substance to everything they do. Ipsos manages some of the largest and most prestigious survey research for private and public sector clients.


Ipsos needed a communication channel to supplement an online and telephone survey with a high engagement rate in order to reach as many respondents as possible. Each message needed to be personalized with a unique link that would drive each individual to a personal pre-populated landing page.

The survey needed to go out to large number of respondents across the UK, so the ability to send SMS in more than one language and to easily segment the audiences was imperative.

Security was also of paramount importance. Data privacy is important, and all responses to the survey needed to be strictly confidential. Dotdigital places high importance on data security, we are ISO 27001 certified and our data is held only in industry leading providers with state-of-the-art facilities.


SMS was the perfect channel for the challenge. The high delivery and engagement rate of SMS meant it was a safe bet for reaching as many individuals as possible. The straight forward manner of the campaign, a simple message and link to the survey, also aligned with SMS as a channel. Ipsos was able to segment the audience based on their language preference and send the campaign in both English and Welsh.

Of course, there was a lot of data to upload as the survey was to be sent to almost half a million people. Ipsos utilized Dotdigital’s SMS Broadcast feature, enabling the brand to upload all of the client data in one go, seamlessly and securely.

Once the data had been added, the SMS campaign could then be created. The unique survey links for each respondent were added utilizing Dotdigital’s personalization technology. The links were shortened to create a user-friendly URL and overall cleaner design, and the campaign was sent out.

Dotdigital’s fast and detailed reporting of SMS campaigns allowed Ipsos to communicate the outcome to their client promptly. Ipsos was able to see a whole host of metrics, including exactly how many campaigns were delivered, and how many unique clicks there were.

About Ipsos

Ipsos are more than a data supplier. Their passionately curious experts provide the most precise measurement, and shape it to provide true understanding of society, markets, and people. Using the best of science, technology, and know-how to do so.

The support we have received from Dotdigital has been fantastic so far and has allowed us to simplify our SMS campaigns with scope for utilizing newer features such as segmentation. Through their proactive analysis both on and off the platform, we’ve been able to better identify and remove redundant contacts from our re-contacting phases.”

Shani Pattni, Research Executive


The survey is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The SMS campaign was highly successful, resulting in a large amount of reliable data. Ipsos sent over 500,000 SMS messages throughout the campaign and saw a 91% delivery rate. This is a fantastic illustration of the power of SMS in getting a message to your audience.

With the contribution of SMS, targeted to complement ongoing contact methods, this year’s campaign saw a conversion rate of 69% with around 325,000 respondents completing the survey. This is another excellent demonstration of the incredible engagement results SMS campaigns can achieve.

Looking ahead

Having experienced great success with its messaging strategy, it’s clear that going forward the SMS campaigns will continue to be a crucial channel for some of Ipsos’ surveys.

The Dotdigital platform is always innovating, and Ipsos are keen to try out some of the newer SMS features in this year’s campaign. New features related to contact management, data fields, personalization, SMS automation, and segmentation will further enhance the campaign’s impact and efficiency.

The Dotdigital Product and Customer Success teams will be on hand to support Ipsos in applying these new features seamlessly, ready to scale the project and deliver a better survey experience.