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Kissed Earth uses Dotdigital for stronger customer engagement and database management

  • increase in database growth

  • customer retention rate for FY22

  • increased re-purchase rate for Cleanse SKU


Kissed Earth faced two key challenges – lack of personalized campaigns and a stagnant customer database that resulted in the team overserving existing customers. It also led to a lower conversion rate and customer engagement. In response, the brand partnered with Dotdigital to integrate automated email marketing campaigns to drive better database management, re-engagement, segmentation, and personalization.


The partnership saw Kissed Earth use Dotdigital’s expertise to host and run its replenishment campaigns. With the help of Dotdigital, the team was able to tap into key data points and understand the shopping behavior better. Building personalized replenishment programs per SKU enabled the brand to send timely reminders to customers based on their re-purchase frequency of the products. Furthermore, Shopify order insights provided detailed information on repeat customers for the Cleanse SKU, which helped analyze, segment, and create tailored experiences.

“Before Dotdigital, our digital marketing initiatives were re-marketing and Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs). With Dotdigital’s cross-channel platform, we can now reallocate our DPAs ad spends to other channels, maximizing the spend and customer reach,” said Amy Goodsell, Head of Marketing at Kissed Earth. “This has allowed us to grow and reach new audiences without losing any existing purchasers, resulting in database growth and higher customer retention,” added Amy.

With a significant focus on email marketing as the primary re-targeting channel, Kissed Earth also uses Dotdigital’s Google ads and Facebook audience channels for database growth and amplifying its re-targeting efforts. The audience sharing has allowed the team to build a full-funnel sales approach, reaching customers at different stages of the buying journey. The audience-based targeting helps exclude regular customers or site visitors from being targeted with ads before it’s necessary, to avoid redundancy.

For example, as part of the re-engagement strategy, the team targets customers, who have ordered the Cleanse product more than four months ago but haven’t placed another order, with a triggered reminder email. If the customer doesn’t engage with the email or place an order, they are re-targeted using Dotdigital’s feed into Facebook and Google, reminding them of their next purchase.

About Kissed Earth

Kissed Earth is one of Australia’s fastest-growing wellness brands committed to using only the finest quality ingredients. Developed in Australia by Australians, with a team of food and science experts, the products aim to help people around the world stay healthy. Sourced and selected from some of the best ingredients worldwide, Kissed Earth is committed to using the cleanest and most potent foods from nature.

With Dotdigital’s cross-channel platform, we can now reallocate our DPAs ad spends to other channels, maximizing the spend and customer reach.”

Amy Goodsell, Head of Marketing at Kissed Earth.


The brand witnessed a 30% increase in database growth year-on-year and recorded a customer retention rate of 61% for FY22. The replenishment email campaigns continue to be effective, logging in excellent engagement rates. While the Brilliance SKU saw a 28% open rate and 15% click-to-open rate (CTR), the Cleanse SKU clocked in a 29% open rate and 10% CTR. Cleanse has also become one of the top-performing single SKUs and is growing month on month with a re-purchase rate of 22%.

Looking ahead

The year ahead will see Kissed Earth launch some exciting new products to the range, taking self-care to the next level and continuing its all-natural approach to even more of its customers’ daily routines. The consumers can expect new convenience (and environmentally conscious) formats for their best-loved products to ensure collagen lovers never miss a day of their Brilliance or Luminous as they take advantage of open borders and head back into the world!

Marketing plans for FY23 will focus on inclusivity. Kissed Earth will prove it is more than a beauty brand, demonstrating that collagen supplementation and a preventative skincare routine are as beneficial for men as women. Global expansion is also on the horizon as Kissed Earth focuses on the USA and Southeast Asia markets, so look out for Kissed Earth wherever you are!