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Le Col’s Black Friday campaign drives 398% more email revenue

  • year-on-year revenue lift

  • average open rate

  • increase in repeat customer purchases

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Le Col’s main aim was to maximize the most important sales period of the year, driving success in the run up to the Black Friday weekend and beyond. Part of this initiative would include increasing the membership of Le Col’s loyalty program, ‘Rewards for Riding’. To engage audiences, the team wanted to speak directly to its customers – using personalization and dynamic content based on contact information. Plus, there would be a concerted effort to re-engage dormant contacts, bringing them back into the brand fold.


Using Dotdigital’s marketing automation tool, the team set up an automated journey from November 20th to 30th consisting of 10 daily deal offers. Taking a different approach to loyalty members, these customers enjoyed early access to all Black Friday daily deals at once, 48 hours before their release to the general public. What’s more, Dotdigital’s personalization features and integration with Shopify allowed Le Col to serve recipients different creative and content based on:

  • Loyalty Program: Member and Non Member
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Language: French, German, and English
  • Currency: USD, EU, and GBP

About Le Col

Le Col is a retail brand in the sports and fitness space that makes the world’s fastest and best performance cycle apparel. Founded by former GB Cyclist Yanto Barker, it’s his input and drive that pushes the brand on, to producing kit that takes cyclists faster and further on every ride.

One email for loyalty members stood out from the crowd – generating a spectacular 64% open rate.


The campaign was a huge success, and by far Le Col’s most impressive Black Friday performance. The team drove an average open rate of 30%+ across the period, increasing its loyalty base at the same time by 8%. In email revenue terms it was the highest performing Black Friday campaign ever: with a 398% year-on-year revenue lift. The content and creative resonated with existing customers too; repeat customer purchases increased by 20% versus a similar period last year. One email for loyalty members stood out from the crowd – generating a spectacular 64% open rate and 67% click-to-open rate. Plus, email testing played a big part in the re-engagement of 7,500 dormant contacts, who re-opened for the first time in over a year.