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Low Cost Glasses sees 275% boost in monthly email revenue with Dotdigital

  • increase in email revenue

  • engagement rate

  • increase in open rates

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Low Cost Glasses was only six months old when making the decision to move to Dotdigital. The brand’s Head of Marketing had used the omnichannel marketing automation software previously and was a strong advocate not just of the platform itself, but also the high level of support that comes with it. This proved essential when starting from scratch with creating a robust customer communication plan to build an engaged database.

Although, as a brand Low Cost Glasses was in its infancy, and was on a steep trajectory of fast growth thanks to having an agile team that could make quick decisions and heavy investment in the right marketing channels. The brand’s Dotdigital debut also coincided neatly with the launch of its first TV ad campaign – another significant reason for needing a sophisticated, user-friendly CRM tool to cater for the increase in customer data; plus the ability to segment and communicate with audiences on a more personal level.


As the marketing lead had Dotdigital knowledge already, the whole team was able to hit the ground running after a little refresher. As a very lean team, the functionality of the automated marketing programs would play a huge role in the brand’s overall email strategy, and Dotdigital’s service would become almost another member of the team. To future-proof success, Low Cost Glasses immediately set about building out the essential foundations of its automated campaigns: the multi-step welcome, birthday, abandoned cart and browse campaigns, which have all been tweaked and strengthened along the way as the team gets to know its customer base and what makes them tick.

Since Low Cost Glasses occupies a very competitive discount market, strong sales-led comms is at the core of the brand’s strategy and is one of the reasons why its return rate is so strong. So, alongside the automated campaigns, the team sends out regular offers with different messaging based on the customer lifecycle and previous buying behavior – and, of course, those who haven’t popped their LCG cherry yet!

About Low Cost Glasses

Low Cost Glasses is an eyewear brand that provides high-quality prescription glasses and optical expertise at prices customers will love. With no physical stores, customers enjoy better prices, a broader product range, and a faster service.

The automation programs are always beavering away, working hard for the brand behind the scenes like an invisible extra employee.”

Alex Butcher, Head of Marketing, Low Cost Glasses
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Low Cost Glasses’ use of data-driven marketing and automation best practice has led to some sensational results. The figures speak for themselves:

  • The brand’s database doubled within four weeks of using Dotdigital
  • 63% of its database is considered ‘engaged’, opening emails regularly
  • Weekly email open rates increased by 10% and sit comfortably around the 25% to 27% mark for standard sends
  • Automated open rates are between 45% and 55%
  • Monthly email revenue has increased by 275%

Next steps: Low Cost Glasses is set to launch its lapsed customers and re-engagement programs, on its one-year birthday. The team will also be strengthening its automated programs so that they work even harder for the brand. Product recommendations are also on the cards…

“Having used a multitude of omnichannel marketing automation platforms over the years, it’s safe to say with hand on heart that Dotdigital is my number one choice. The graphic user interface is so user-friendly, it allows you to kid yourself that you’re an email design genius. The automation programs are always beavering away, working hard for the brand behind the scenes like an invisible extra employee, which is perfect for a lean team. The in-depth reporting means that you can constantly learn, test, and improve your comms – and the segmentation tool gives you the power to carve, slice and dice your data and tailor your messaging to the enth degree. Finally, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a gazillion times, the live chat tech support function is absolutely second to none. Whether it’s a quick reminder or a major head-scratcher, the guys on the other end leave no stone unturned to get you your answer. Just awesome.” Alex Butcher – Head of Marketing