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Lyre's pivots its way in COVID -19 era with personalized marketing campaigns

  • increase in conversion rates

  • growth in click-to-open rates

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Created to change the way the world drinks and give freedom of choice, Lyre’s range of premium non-alcoholic variants contain the same natural essences, extracts, and distillates that match the aroma, taste, and appearance you find within time-tested classics.


As the most awarded non-alcoholic spirit company in the world, customer experience remains priority number one for Lyre’s. Continuing to strengthen its brand presence, the company decided to focus on direct-to-consumer sales in late 2019 with the launch of its e-commerce websites globally. With this development, the aim was to provide highly personalized and optimized campaigns to target customers with relevant content through the right channels. And to meet this objective, Lyre’s decided to partner with Dotdigital as their marketing automation solutions provider.


Still early on its ecommerce journey, the company was quick to access the situation and revisit its business strategy in response to the COVID-19 crisis. At which point, with support from Dotdigital, Lyre’s ramped up its digital and social efforts with highly personalized marketing campaigns for enhanced customer experience. One of the key reasons driving this decision was the aim to deliver consistent support and provide a seamless purchase experience to customers through these unprecedented times.

Integrating Dotdigital automated programs not only enabled the company to better understand consumer behavior, but also successfully funnel the data to create tailored campaigns. This resulted in segmenting the customers according to their preferences and catering to their interests, providing them with an option to enjoy their drink, their way.

About Lyre's

Formed in 2019, Lyre’s is an independent company, founded in Australia, with offices in Sydney, London and San Francisco. Deriving inspiration from the Australian Lyrebird, the world’s greatest mimic, Lyre’s provides the world’s most successful mimic of the classic style of spirits, in a non-alcohol version.

Thanks to Dotdigital automated programs, we were able to surface customer data and use that intelligence to create personalized customer experiences.”

Carl Hartmann, Co-Founder, Lyre’s
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Carl Hartmann, Co-Founder of Lyre’s commented, “As the COVID-19 crisis was unfolding we understood the importance of a strong ecommerce presence and acted accordingly. In a situation this rare, we needed to be equally careful with our marketing campaigns as well as our messaging. Thanks to Dotdigital automated programs, we were able to surface customer data and use that intelligence to create personalized customer experiences.”

Lyre’s saw an exceptional growth in customer engagement over the past few months showing a 53% increase in conversion rates. While the welcome series program saw a 65% growth in click-to-open rates, there was a 45 to 50% increase in the ‘secondary email’ program. According to Ashleigh Murray, VP Global eCommerce at Lyre’s, “Memorable customer experience remains a top priority for businesses, which is impossible to achieve without the proper understanding of who your customers are. As the industry becomes competitive and content-driven, it’s important to remain relevant and engaging at the same time. Partnering with Dotdigital enabled us to leverage the data collected through the automation tools, segment them, and create highly engaging content for our customers.”

Continuing to explore other functionalities of Dotdigital, the company is looking at extending its automation journey through retargeting campaigns. This will allow the team to re-engage with customers who made a recent purchase through triggered repurchase emails.