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Nutri Advanced sees 470% year-on-year increase in revenue from email automations

  • increase in sales

  • decrease in average delay between orders

  • increase in repeat customers

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Nutri Advanced is the UK’s professional first choice for nutritional supplements. For over 40 years, Nutri Advanced has been providing effective nutritional supplements and outstanding customer service to health care professionals and their patients.


Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, public education around the benefits of a balanced diet and nutritional supplements resulted in 2020 and 2021 being record years for Nutri Advanced. But as the public’s focus on health and wellbeing waned in 2022, Nutri Advanced needed to turn to new tactics to bolster sales, drive ROI, and boost customer retention.


To achieve its goal to boost sales and customer retention, Nutri Advanced focused its attention on implementing new marketing automation programs powered by order data synced from their Adobe Commerce store.

The team had a clear vision; it wanted to educate its audience on the effects of a regular supplement routine. It can take up to three months to feel the full health benefits. Therefore it’s essential for customers to frequently replenish their stocks.

Working closely with Dotdigital’s Customer Success Team, Nutri Advanced quickly realized the many possibilities it could unlock with a replenishment program. Not only could it educate customers, the automated program could reach out at the optimal time to drive repeat purchases – and all without adding new laborious and repetitive tasks to the team’s workload.

But the task was not an easy one. To ensure every customer received the correct information about the specific products they purchased, there was a lot of work to do improving the quality and accuracy of the brand’s data. Data cleansing was a massive task in itself; Nutri Advanced needed to use its time and resources effectively to get its automation project off the ground.

Enter the Managed Services team at Dotdigital. The Managed Services team was able to help Nutri Advanced begin the technical build of the project.

Nutri Advanced grouped its best-selling products into 30-day and 60-day dosages. It then handed over to Dotdigital to build the initial 30-day replenishment program. Dotdigital were quick to understand the dynamics of the business and how the buying patterns of its customers can vary. This was all taken into consideration when building the automation program.

In addition to the program, the Dotdigital team also created a custom product block for Nutri Advanced which cross-referenced the customer’s order history and pulled the right product information through for each and every customer. The block included a “Restock now” call-to-action which removed any further potential obstacles to sale.

Once that was built, they would then be able to grow and scale the automation program, replicating the logic and principles for 60-day dosage products.

About Nutri Advanced

Nutri Advanced has realized the power of marketing automation in generating significant ROI and increasing repeat customers. Working with Dotdigital, Nutri Advanced launched a replenishment program that has seen them increase sales and AOV.

The brilliant support of the Dotdigital experts allowed us to really enhance our email activity. Our automations are constantly generating revenue in the background, and I can put more time in to campaign creation and dive deeper on our data. ”

Lewis Trice, ECRM Manager Nutri Advanced


Nutri Advanced has experienced great success with its replenishment program. The brand has been able to scale its automation project, now running six programs in total. These now account for 50% of all revenue generated by the brands email automation programs. The replenishment program is responsible for one third of this.

Overall, Nutri Advanced’s project has resulted in a 470% year-on-year increase in revenue from email automations. The average delay between orders has decreased by 19% and its average order value has increased by 9%. Sales have increased by 10% and returning customers have increased by 12%.

Looking ahead

Having experienced great success with its automation strategy, it’s clear that going forward the replenishment campaign will continue to be a crucial automation for Nutri Advanced. A personalized How-To guide from the Dotdigital Managed Services team will allow them to build on these new skills and continue to scale their automation efforts while delivering better customer experiences.

“If you, your team, or you business are not already implementing email automations, it is definitely something that needs to feature within your digital activities for 2023 and beyond.”

– Jenny Patman Head of Digital and Marketing Nutri Advanced