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Remedy Drinks integrates Dotdigital to transform its customer engagement

  • increase in revenue from emails

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With a mission to make tasty and healthy drinks available to people everywhere, Remedy has since expanded overseas into the UK, US, Canada, and Singapore. The brand has grown in popularity, building a loyal following for Remedy Kombucha starting in health food stores, independent supermarkets, and cafes; recently expanding to convenience stores and major supermarkets. Besides Kombucha, Remedy also produces Coconut Water Kefir, Switchel, Tepache and Soda, all with no sugar, naturally.


With the growing popularity and expansion of its brand and customer database, Remedy recognized an opportunity to better engage with consumers in the digital space, with tailored and personalized content.


In early 2019, Remedy partnered with Dotdigital to explore its automation functionalities and solutions. As well as being integrated with their eCommerce platform, Magento, Dotdigital’s capability to capture, funnel, and segment customer data was one of the main reasons driving this decision. Currently, Remedy is running automated customer engagement programs such as a welcome series, abandoned cart notifications, product education programs, and review email campaigns.

About Remedy Drinks

Founded in 2012, by Melbourne-based couple Sarah and Emmet Condon, Remedy has become the market leader in for fermented beverages in Australia and New Zealand.

The segmentation and quality research of the data through different automated programs has allowed us to have an in-depth understanding of our customer preferences”

Tom Melenhorst, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager, Remedy
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According to Tom Melenhorst, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at Remedy, partnering with Dotdigital has enabled Remedy to effectively implement a comprehensive engagement strategy with their customers. Dotdigital’s automated platform helped them to use email to its maximum potential, deliver consistent messaging, and engage with their customers with highly relevant content.

Utilizing Dotdigital enabled the company to access real-time data and run better-personalized campaigns giving a facelift to its digital efforts. “Another benefit of using Dotdigital is its flawless onboarding process, accompanied by their user-friendly platform. Over the last year, the segmentation and quality research of the data through different automated programs has allowed us to have an in-depth understanding of our customer preferences, ultimately targeting them with personalized products and campaigns,” commented Tom.

The user-friendly interface made it easy for Remedy to work around the content, channel it into customized automated programs, and streamline the electronic direct mail (EDM) process. By using Dotdigital, the company has not only enhanced its customer experience but also built a stronger approach towards brand recognition, as well as customer retention. In the past 12 months, Remedy has also seen 15 % of its revenue come from emails.

Remedy intend to create a wider focus on its customers by enhancing re-engagement programs and different types of automated triggered emails – including transactional emails. The re-engagement campaign will help the brand approach its existing customers with relevant content in a dynamic fashion.