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Singapore's gourmet online grocer helps customers make better sustainable food choices

  • database growth in champion RFM audience segment

  • email open rate for the welcome series program

  • conversion rate for the abandoned cart email program

Sasha’s Fine Foods is a pioneer in sourcing food closest to its natural state, ensuring the end-to-end supply chain is as eco-friendly as possible. Ten years on, the business has grown into a multimillion-dollar company that currently employs 35+ staff with their own fleet of trucks and drivers.


Continuing its eco-journey, Sasha’s Fine Foods needed to integrate highly optimized campaigns to target customers with relevant content, enabling them to make more informed buying decisions. As a result, the retailer partnered with Dotdigital in December 2020 to take its digital marketing efforts to the next level and provide an all-encompassing customer experience.


Sasha’s Fine Foods has integrated automated programs such as welcome series and abandoned cart as primary revenue-driving campaigns with Dotdigital. Using Dotdigital’s automation functionality, Sasha’s Fine Foods can now effectively analyze and understand the customer shopping journey. This has enabled the team to create tailor-made programs with individualized content. As a result, the company saw a significant increase in both customer engagement and retention.

The implementation of a win-back strategy with lapsed customer programs has also resulted in increased customer engagement. Mike Pearson, General Manager at Sasha’s Fine Foods said, “In a customer-driven economy, it’s all about creating memorable customer experiences and increasing customer lifetime value with the brand. The lapsed programs have helped win back inactive customers with personalized incentives, matching their shopping and spending habits.”

“Experimentation is a key enabler as there is much power in understanding the story that your data is trying to tell. Dotdigital’s testing capabilities have helped Sasha’s Fine Foods be more agile in this area,” said Nurulhuda Zahairi, Performance Marketing Associate at Sasha’s Fine Foods.

Spearheading the holiday season campaigns, the team kick-started preparations in March. “We use the nine months before Christmas as a testbed to trial both our digital and non-digital marketing strategies. We start early to avoid the last-minute rush to ensure we can engage and delight our audience, and execute the promise of delivering an optimum customer experience,” added Mike.

About Sasha's Fine Foods

Sasha Conlan founded Sasha’s Fine Foods in 2011, to deliver healthy, delicious food that customers love and trust. With a prime focus on selling products from trusted farmers, fishermen, and producers that Sasha personally meets and vets, the company partners with suppliers with the shared vision of providing customers with the purest food on the planet.

Dotdigital's functionality capabilities, the seamless onboarding process, and its amazing customer service are the key reasons driving this partnership.”

Mike Pearson, General Manager at Sasha's Fine Foods


Since starting with Dotdigital, Sasha’s Fine Foods has witnessed an 18% database growth in the champion segment. The abandoned cart emails recorded a 32% conversion rate, with a 44% open rate and a click-to-open rate of 28%. While the first lapsed customer program had a 44% conversion rate, the follow-up lapsed program saw a 57% conversion. Moreover, the welcome series had an excellent customer engagement with a 63% open rate and 20% click-to-open rate.

Looking ahead

The team plans to target both existing and new customers, and seasonal shoppers with relevant recommendations. Furthermore, Sasha’s Fine Foods is using Jumpstart Commerce’s build program to run pre-order programs for Thanksgiving.

The team plans to implement split campaigns based on demographics (Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans) for more relevant and explicit targeting. The company is looking to introduce additional functionality to the platform over the coming year to analyze customers’ dietary preferences.

Additionally, the brand is also planning to explore Dotdigital’s Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) value modeling tool in the near future for advanced segmentation.