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Packaging material supplier, Signet, drives digital creativity with automated marketing campaigns

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From humble beginnings in 1968, Signet has grown to one of Australia’s top 100 private companies in Queensland. Headquartered in Brisbane, Signet proudly remains an Australian-owned family business with national production and warehouse facilities located across the country.


With the seemingly daily transformation in the marketing and consumer world, Signet needed to keep up with the changing dynamics. One of the challenges for the B2B company was to drive maximum customer engagement and encourage consumers to interact with the brand on a more personal level. The second challenge being the lack of integrations between the critical platforms that Signet was using. Therefore, to redefine its marketing strategy and develop interactive, personalized campaigns, the company conducted thorough research and testing to implement a robust tech stack.


Putting together a comprehensive tech stack has been a massive game-changer for Signet, enabling the company to create data-focused, personalized campaigns. “Combining different platforms to create a fully operational environment has helped us significantly improve our marketing activities,” said Prue Krook, Digital Marketing Manager at Signet. “Furthermore, the seamless integration of Magento, Dotdigital, and Nosto has made a real difference at an operational level.”

With the now integrated connectivity, the team can carry effective data segmentation and create tailored programs across disparate platforms. Deep diving into the data and maintaining regular database hygiene has aided in better analyzing the customer data and funnel them into key segments – namely, industry code, product range, and spend band. The smooth integration of Dotdigital and Nosto has allowed Signet to split-test between subject lines, generate personalized product recommendations, and integrate dynamic content across landing pages to expand the customers unique online journey.

Known to push its creative boundaries constantly, the brand created interactive and innovative designs via ‘Sigflix’ and ‘Mystery Discount’ campaigns to increase click-through. The ‘Sigflix’ campaign showcased content in a fun and engaging Netflix format, becoming an instant hit with an impressive customer engagement. The campaign saw customers from the top to bottom spend bands of the database actively engage with the brand. Similarly, the ‘Mystery Discount’ campaign was a huge triumph. It provided a creative spin to maximize revenue through gamification and the ‘Spend and Save’ offer.

“At Signet, we always take pride in our customer-centric viewpoint. Over the last few years, being a B2B company, we have worked hard on our content strategy to create strong and quality B2C style content for enhanced customer engagement and build loyalty,” said Suzie Young, Head of Digital and Direct Marketing at Signet. “We are thrilled to see how exceptionally the campaigns have performed over time and the results achieved.”

Continuing with its personalization journey, the team runs abandoned cart programs and triggered email campaigns with Dotdigital. The brand is further leveraging the captured data to send more content-based emails and foster long–term customer relationships. To optimize the abandoned cart program, the team is conducting a split-test with subject lines for improved open rates. They also conduct split-tests for email design to encourage increased click-through rates that lead to purchase.

“Working on the Dotdigital platform is outstanding from a user interface and team usability point of view. The simple drag and drop feature and effortless end–to–end campaign process, from creating to sending, makes it easy for the Signet team to use the platform. With more team members now being able to use the platform, more marketing specializations are able to be across multiple campaigns at any given time and collaborate more effectively,” added Prue. “Adding to this, Dotdigital’s seamless integration with Adobe really is the cherry on top for our tech and content team.”

Dotdigital’s in-depth industry experience and knowledge has made it easy for Signet to streamline its email automation process. Moreover, the company has not only enhanced its customer experience but also built a stronger approach towards brand recognition, as well as customer engagement. “The best thing about the Dotdigital team is their ability to understand and align themselves with clients’ needs and vision, as well as the fantastic local support,” added Suzie.

Signet has recently implemented Dotdigital’s new segment analytics tool for powerful segmentation and detailed campaign tracking.

About Signet

Signet is a leading supplier and manufacturer of packaging, warehouse, safety, and site supplies and has serviced more than 60,000 Australian businesses for more than 50 years.

Dotdigital’s seamless integration with Adobe really is the cherry on top for our tech and content team.”

Prue Krook, Digital Marketing Manager
Dotdigital | Signet Case Study


The ‘Sigflix’ campaign saw a 27% open rate and a click-to-open rate of 19.47%. With an open rate of 26.76%, the five-day ‘Mystery Discount’ campaign witnessed a 39.47% click-to-open rate, resulting in an 8.59% website conversion. Additionally, the offer lead to an increase in purchases for the customer segment and helped to bump up the average order value of customers who interacted with the campaign.