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A luxury hair tool brand raises the marketing bar with automation

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Dotdigital | T3 Case Study
Recognizing that tools should be as unique as the hair it’s styling, T3 Micro takes an innovative approach to their products, always aiming to improve the hair styling experience, minimize styling time, and protect hair health.


Before starting with Dotdigital, T3 Micro had been using Bronto for their marketing campaigns for several years. As time went on, they began to look for a platform that could adapt to their needs as they grew, help them better understand their customer base, and engage their audience through segmentation, automation, and highly personalized content.

“We didn’t have the data we needed to understand our contacts and what kind of content they wanted to see, or to connect with them at exactly the right moment,” explained Antonia Peterson, Director of Ecommerce, T3 Micro. “Very little progress was being made to enhance the tool and offer those improved capabilities. That became challenging for us because we had ambitious plans for what we wanted our email program to become.”

Apart from a few automated campaigns, the team was primarily sending batch-and-blast marketing messages. This approach created significant barriers when it came to achieving business goals that ranged from increased ROI to higher sales revenue. Finally, T3 Micro reached a tipping point: they knew they had to find a solution that would help them unleash their full marketing potential.

Then, they found Dotdigital.


One of the first things that T3 Micro noticed was Dotdigital’s ease of use and their determination to make complex solutions like segmentation and automation as straightforward as possible. Dotdigital also had a wide range of innovative add-ons, like dynamic content capabilities and audience retargeting opportunities that impressed and excited the team.

After a quick implementation, T3 Micro was set up and ready to use Dotdigital’s solutions. With its easy-to-use email builder, they created well-designed, eye-catching emails. Dotdigital’s segmentation tools then enabled them to divide their audiences based on prior purchases and website browsing behavior and deliver personalized campaigns to them.

“The platform does a lot of the heavy lifting in examining the data you have and suggesting segments that make sense and opportunities for targeting them,” said Antonia. “The fact that Dotdigital simplified that for us was huge. We could tell very quickly that it was a smarter, harder-working tool than what we were using before and compared to other platforms in the digital marketing space.”

For T3 Micro, automation was the most powerful solution they gained. The team used Dotdigital’s cutting-edge capabilities to automate timely, relevant, and compelling messages. All told, they launched six automated workflows: two welcome series, a re-engagement series, an abandoned cart and abandoned browse series, and a highly personalized post-purchase series.

About T3

Founded in 2003, T3 Micro set out to reinvent hair styling with a new kind of hair tool. Today, T3 Micro is one of the top premium hair tool brands and is synonymous with advanced heat styling technologies and exceptional results.

The post-purchase series is based on a customer’s tool purchase and it takes the user through 10 days post purchase, to 30 days after, all the way to 160 days post purchase to re-engage them in a repeat purchase on our site.”

Antonia Peterson, Director of Ecommerce
Dotdigital | T3 Case Study


With the power of segmentation, automation and more, T3 Micro has made strides in delivering the right message to their customers at the right time in their journey — an achievement that’s seen most clearly through an uplift in engagement rates. Since switching to Dotdigital, the average open rates for the automated series have doubled: their welcome series now boasts a 54% open rate, the cart abandonment series has a 35% open rate, and the first two emails in their post-purchase series have open rates of approximately 26%.

“Seeing strong engagement on a post-purchase campaign — and compelling our customers to re-engage with us after they’ve already received their product — is a big win for our team,” said Antonia.


Looking Ahead

T3 Micro is showing no signs of slowing their momentum and have big plans for leveraging Dotdigital in 2022 and beyond. With the help of segment analytics, the team is working to gain an even deeper understanding of their customer base and take their personalization efforts to new heights.

According to Antonia, personalization is a strategic priority across the entire business, from their customer communication to their website to product. Dotdigital’s data analysis and segmentation tools have helped T3 Micro build more tailored relationships with customers and stand out in crowded email inboxes.

“Personalization is becoming a hot topic for us in all aspects of our business,” said Antonia. “If you’re not communicating with your consumers in a tailored, personalized way, it’s going to be hard to maintain those connections. Dotdigital will be critical in enabling us to do this by equipping us with the tools we need.”

In addition, they are launching up to ten new segments and automated series this year and plan to leverage split testing to inform their future content. And as Antonia adds, data will play a major role in driving all of their marketing efforts.

“Dotdigital is becoming a data hub for us. It’s not only pulling in our subscriber data, but it’s also pulling in all of our purchaser data as well. It gives us an opportunity to look at these insights more holistically than we have before and slice and dice it in interesting ways. That’s something that will really help fuel our success.”