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The House of Marley's database grew by 20% using marketing automation

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In today’s digital age, effective marketing is more important than ever for companies looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. As a result, House of Marley (a part of FKA Brands Ltd), a manufacturer of eco-friendly audio equipment embraced marketing automation to amplify its reach. Let’s take a closer look at how House of Marley is using Dotdigital’s tools to take its marketing to the next level.


FKA Brands has been a loyal Dotdigital customer since 2015. In previous years, FKA Brands integrated all its brands into a single account. However, in May 2021, it faced a challenge in managing its brands efficiently, which led them to separate each brand into individual child accounts. This decision was taken to better manage its brands and streamline its marketing efforts.

After the account change, House of Marley’s emails were sent manually, which took up a lot of time. As a result, House of Marley introduced automation to its marketing to effectively manage its time. The company also wanted to implement programs to enhance customer engagement, experience throughout its customer lifecycle and to grow its marketing lists.


FKA Brands has successfully transitioned its e-commerce stores to Dotdigital, utilizing our premium integration with BigCommerce. As a result, House of Marley was able to expand its subscriber base.

By using our pages and forms, House of Marley implemented a pop-over feature that helped to actively enrol customers. The pop-over, which offered an exclusive discount of 15% off on the first order, was displayed on the homepage and effectively attracted visitors to subscribe to its mailing list.

With newly gained customers, House of Marley turned its attention to building brand awareness and engagement. To achieve this, they built a three-stage welcome program. Three sections were included in the program:

1. The first email triggered a welcome discount, which helped incentivize new customers to make their first purchase.
2. The next email was sent to build brand awareness and to explain the company’s values. This content helped to build trust with eco-conscious customers.
3. The final email focused on Bob Marley’s legacy. This storytelling deepened brand awareness and created an emotional bond between the brand and its customers.

To keep customers engaged through the lifecycle they also introduced a birthday automation program. The program provided a surprise 15% discount to customers on their special day. This not only made customers feel valued but also incentivized them to make a purchase and re-engage with the brand.

To add to the birthday discount, House of Marley used our audience segment builder to identify customer preferences and surface relevant product recommendations that would appeal to them. This tailored approach proved to be highly effective in boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

About House of Marley

By leveraging Dotdigital’s tools, the sustainable audio brand, House of Marley created targeted email campaigns that resonated with its audience. As a result of its efforts, the House of Marley increased its customer database by 20% and improved engagement rates.

Creating automations with Dotdigital has been an exciting development for us and our audience, it helps us to engage on a more regular basis and show them our brand values. Segmentation is also something that has been incredibly beneficial for us, as it allows us to target our audience with tailored content based on their buying habits and interests. We’ve been very lucky to have such great support from our Customer Success Manager. They have been a huge help, guiding us through the platform to discover new functionalities. We can't recommend Dotdigital enough!”

Sophie, Digital Marketing Executive


House of Marley has grown by 20% since launching the welcome program. So far, the welcome program has generated an impressive £250k in revenue. The birthday program has also seen a remarkable increase in engagement on House of Marley, with an open rate of 41% and a click-through rate of 12%.

Looking Ahead

House of Marley wants to continue its automation journey by introducing a new post-purchase program. By continuing to leverage the BigCommerce integration, the company wants to deliver tailored product recommendations to each customer based on their previous behavior and insights.

House of Marley plans to create re-engagement programs utilizing eRFM. The company will harness the data from its retail dashboard’s average order feature to encourage repeat purchases and customer engagement. This approach not only improves the overall customer experience but also increases the likelihood of customers returning for future transactions.

Additionally, House of Marley is keen on sharing its brand story and enhancing its brand awareness. To achieve this objective, House of Marley intends to send informal emails and blog entries to its mailing list subscribers. House of Marley aims to foster a sense of community with its customers and establish a more personal connection with them.